The Core Benefits of Soft Landing Koffman Southern Tier Incubator

1. Customized Mentorship Assistance

Direct communication with the assigned mentors will provide customized business development support while addressing some pressing questions that are typical for incoming foreign startups:

  • When do I need to create a U.S.
  • How long does U.S. setup take and how
    much does it cost?
  • How do I manage complex legal and
    regulatory challenges in the United
  • When should I look to raise money from
    U.S. VCs?
  • How do I pitch to U.S. investors?
  • How do I develop an appropriate sales
    and marketing strategy to grow my
    business in the U.S. market?

Assigned mentors from the Koffman Incubator provide one-on-one advise to participating companies

2. Customer Discovery Bootcamp in Binghamton, NY

A week-long bootcamp in Binghamton, NY is organized for each Program cohort. The bootcamp will include deep-dive sessions on customer discovery approaches for the U.S. market. Participants will have the opportunity to conduct customer discovery interviews in one-on-one meetings with respective industry leaders and experts, representatives of government organizations, potential clients and partners, and various organizations that are part of the New York State innovation ecosystem.

3. Workshops on the U.S. Business Environment

  • Cultural Aspects of Doing Business in the United States
  • Immigration Law and Visas for International Entrepreneurs
  • Business Structuring and Choice of Legal Entity in the United States
  • Intellectual Property Law and Protection
  • Finance and Banking, Accounting and Taxes in the United States
  • Business Incentives and Grants at the Federal and State Levels
  • Export-Import Regulations
  • Labor Regulations and Workforce Development
  • Marketing and Advertising for the U.S. Market
  • Raising Capital in the United States

In-person participation in the workshops is available at the Koffman Incubator for interested companies

4. Student Research Assistance

The Program links each incoming foreign company with a team of students from the Cornell SC Johnson College of Business and Binghamton University’s Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science. Under the guidance of faculty, assigned mentors, and industry experts the student teams address a variety of specific questions on how to grow the company venture and expand its operations in the U.S. market

The Cornell SC Johnson College of Business will engage teams of graduate and advanced undergraduate students to provide research to the participating companies for the development of their business plans for expansion into the U.S. market. Each team will be guided by a faculty advisor. The Office of External Relations and Engagement at the College of Business will administer the student engagement.

Binghamton University’s Watson College of Engineering and Applied Science will engage graduate engineering students in the form of internships with Watson’s Strategic Partnership for Industrial Resurgence (SPIR) Program. Relevant faculty advisors will be assigned to the student interns.

5. Connections

Soft Landing Koffman Southern Tier Incubator provides:

  • Networking opportunities with New York businesses, government agencies, business service providers, law firms and banks.
  • Opportunities for matchmaking and one-on-one meetings with potential strategic partners (suppliers, distributors, joint venture partners) and customers
  • Access to regional and statewide incubators, accelerators and industry experts

6. Discounted facilities

The Koffman Southern Tier Incubator

The Koffman Southern Tier Incubator is the only entity in New York State with a Soft Landing Designation from the International Business Innovation Association (InBIA). InBIA is the largest member-based entrepreneurial support network in the world with over 1,200 members—incubators, accelerators, and other entrepreneurship centers—from over 60 countries

37,000 SqFt Facility
33 Offices
10 Laboratories
11 Co-Working Areas
5 Meeting Rooms

Companies enrolled in the Soft Landing Koffman Southern Tier Incubator Program get:

  • Six months of free co-working membership;
  • Six months of free mentorships; and
  • Free access to the Incubator’s programming, events and network

The Huron Campus

The 130-acres Huron Campus was the birthplace of IBM in 1911 until they moved out of the area in the late 1980s. Nowadays the campus provides ideal opportunities for advanced manufacturing companies to expand to and grow

The Huron Campus contains manufacturing and office space of various categories, including temperature and humidity-controlled buildings and warehouse facilities. The campus has its own central utility plant, high purity water systems, 2MM/gal per day wastewater treatment facility for treatment or recycling, inter-building material transfer/ handling system, loading/unloading docks to handle hundreds of thousands of tons of material annually, and a commercial rail line going in between the campus in combination with automated material handling.

Binghamton University’s Center for Advanced Microelectronics Manufacturing, BAE Systems (manufacturing drive trains for hybrid busses), Ubiquity Solar Inc., and iM3NY are current tenants of the campus.

Companies enrolled in Soft Landing New York that take space on the Huron Campus may get:

• Six months of free rent and ACAD layout and facilities development support;
• Networking opportunities with other companies, service providers and consultants.


6. Market exploration bootcamp in New York City

A three-day bootcamp in New York City is organized for each Program cohort. The bootcamp will include deep-dive seminars and curated one-on-one meetings with industry leaders and experts, representatives of state and federal government organizations, and various organizations that are part of the New York State innovation ecosystem.

Following the market exploration bootcamp in New York City, companies are welcome to visit the Binghamton, NY area, tour the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator and meet with their mentors, student teams, and important stakeholders from the area.