Soft Landing New York Business Spotlight:

Erick Saavedra Medina, Managing Director of Bmate Consulting – Mexico, discusses his experience with the Soft Landing New York Program.

Soft Landing New York Business Spotlight:

Alexandros Papadopoulos, President of Eteo Goods – Greece, outlines his experience with Soft Landing New York.

A premier soft landing program in New York to help foreign companies evaluate and navigate their way into the U.S. market

Qualifying companies receive free programming, mentorship and student assistance.

Program funding is provided by the U.S. Economic Development Administration

U.S. Market Opportunities

U.S. Market Entry Challenges

Foreign businesses interested in expanding to the U.S. market don’t always know how to navigate the process of establishing operations here. The business practices are different, and regulations can be challenging. Furthermore, American customers may think differently about how your product is promoted and purchased. These factors can make your expansion into the U.S. market risky and costly

How Soft Landing New York Can Help

Smooth Landing

Ensures smooth landing of foreign startups and scaleups by providing the necessary business, legal and operational resources for establishing a presence in the United States

Guided Transition

Guides the transition of the foreign entrepreneurs to a new business environment as they develop business plans for expansion in the U.S. market

Critical Knowledge

Equips participating companies with the critical tools, knowledge and insight to identify market opportunities and legal challenges, understand operational requirements, and connect with potential customers and partners in the U.S. market


Secures successful integration of Program graduates into the regional economy