Dublin, Ireland

“The Koffman Southern Tier Incubator is a great facility that caters to setting up and scaling your start-up company. The Incubator’s mentorship and programming connected us with the local business community and helped us navigate the various local grants and programs that are available to start-ups in the region. We are now using the Koffman Incubator as the base to establish Hub Controls in the U.S. market. We foresee using the Incubator as the first step towards piloting our product in New York State, and then growing our market share in the region. I would highly recommend the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator."
Brian Cregan
General Manager of Hub Controls

Aukland, New Zealand

“We have been extremely impressed by the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator’s offerings and the staff during our time as tenants. The facility provides a toolbox of resources in a beautiful setting. The staff is engaged with helping us achieve our goals for growth and market impact in the United States.”
Jason Hill
Vice President for Sales at Hectre

Antanhol, Portugal

“We are a software company, we can go anywhere. However, the people and the whole ecosystem around the Koffman Southern Tier Incubator enables me to say that this is the best place for Cleanwatts to land and start our business in the United States.”
Michael Mahan
President of Cleanwatts Americas