Business development support

Direct communication with the assigned mentors will provide customized business development support while addressing some pressing questions that are typical for incoming foreign startups

Common Questions:

When do I need to create a U.S. company?

How long does U.S. setup take and how much does it cost?

How do I manage complex legal and regulatory challenges in the United States?

When should I look to raise money from U.S. VC?

How do I pitch to U.S. investors?

How do I develop an appropriate sales and marketing strategy to grow my business in the United States?

How do I scale my startup into a large company in the U.S.?

How can I build a brand and communications strategy in the United States?

How can I partner with state and local government and community colleges to find and develop my U.S. workforce?

Assigned mentors from the Koffman Incubator provide one-onone advise to participating companies