Atanas Tzenev

Atanas Tzenev is a Research Fellow at the Center for International Business Advancement and an adjunct assistant professor in global and social entrepreneurship at Binghamton University. His professional interests are in the areas of international trade and foreign investment, international political economy, international business and entrepreneurship, Europeanization trends, and comparative politics and economy of Central and Eastern Europe. Atanas holds a PhD and an MA degrees in political science from Binghamton University. His doctoral dissertation examined the policy and political-institutional determinants of foreign direct investment into the post-communist countries of Central and Eastern Europe. He received his BA degree in economics from Cornell University, with concentrations in international relations and law & society.

After college, Atanas worked briefly for MBMD, one of Bulgaria’s premier public opinion agencies, where he undertook survey and interview processing and data analysis. In the summer of 2016 he also interned at the Administration of the President of the Republic of Bulgaria. Atanas has working knowledge of nine European languages and has used his extensive knowledge of foreign languages both during his travels and as part of his professional work.